Your Way or God’s Way?

katzkiss1-1When it comes to manifesting a soulmate the single most important thing to have total clarity on is how you desire to feel when you are with your beloved.

For those of you who are hyper focused on the “form” of the coming relationship, I am inviting you to shift into the “feeling space” and for just now, let go of your wish list regarding the physical form (on all levels) you think you need.  (the Divine may have something in mind for you that is beyond your ability to conceive of right now)

Here’s a little exercise to try every morning for the next week that will assist you in having laser-like clarity on this:

When you begin to wake up, before you even open your eyes, imagine that your beloved in lying in bed, sleeping quietly and peacefully.

You can sense the warmth and weight of their presence but they are not touching you.

In this moment, how are you feeling?  Loved? Happy? Safe? Serene? Excited? Relieved? Filled with gratitude? Content?

Allow yourself to experience the depth of your positive emotions for your love connection with your soulmate.

In your mind, whisper to them words of love, appreciation and gratitude for all the ways they enrich your life.

You do not to know how or when this reality came to be.

It’s not important to know their height, weight, income level or job description, just feel the deliciousness of their divine presence and breathe it in.

Thank them for the gift of sharing a life with you.

Tell them that you now know and trust that they are on the way to you.

Put a big smile on your face, swallow the smile and let it land in every organ of your body, and when you are ready, gently open your eyes and begin your day.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


P.S. The beautiful painting of the lovers is by  The original hangs in my office!


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Tired of Being Single? Time to Unlock Your Heart!

Other worldsSMALLMy friend and healer, Dr. Bradley Nelson, is an internationally recognized expert in energy medicine and is the author of The Emotion Code. I’ve asked him to share with you today some very enlightening and important information about healing and unlocking your heart:

Ancient peoples believed that the heart was the seat of the soul and the source of love and romance. What if they were correct? Could your heart possibly be more than just a pump? Were the ancient ones right about this? And if they were, what might it have to do with your ability to find your soulmate?

New research has revealed that your heart is your most powerful organ, generating a magnetic field up to 12 feet in diameter that surrounds your body. It’s actually been proven in the laboratory that if you focus feelings of love and affection on another, your heartbeats will rapidly synchronize, and your heartbeat will become measurable in their brainwaves!

It’s rapidly becoming an accepted fact that our intense emotional experiences can leave us with “baggage.” I have discovered that this emotional baggage actually consists of discrete energies that disrupt our bodies, contributing to pain and disease of all types and varieties, as well as depression, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders and all sorts of self-sabotage. But where your emotional baggage may really be short-circuiting your life is your heart.

The human heart is a second brain that stores our deepest affinities and our most precious memories. One of the most important discoveries in the field of energy medicine is that the heart will often try to protect itself from emotional injury and heartache by forming an invisible wall of energy around itself, a “Heart-Wall,” made from the energy of our trapped emotions. Listen to the experience of a woman named Elizabeth from Massachusetts:

After having my heart-wall cleared by a certified Emotion Code practitioner, I am just amazed with the results! It took about 5 sessions to completely remove all the trapped emotions (and completely clear the heart-wall). I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life and after my heart-wall was removed, these two issues I’ve dealt with for over 20 years have virtually disappeared! I also find I am much more open and feel an overall sense of well-being that I have not felt in a very long time. I also find that other people (including total strangers) are talking to me and opening up to me – almost like I am projecting a whole different, more approachable energy. I wish more people knew about the Emotion Code and would give it a try – it will be life changing, I can promise that much.- Elizabeth,  Massachusetts

Can you think back to a time in your life when you felt like your heart was going to break? When you felt so grief-stricken or hurt that you didn’t think you could stand it? Do you remember the physical sensation that you felt during that experience? You may have felt as if an elephant were sitting on your chest, or that you couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately, I think these feelings that we often refer to as “heartache” or “heartbreak” are quite universal, as there seem to be words that describe these physical sensations in every language around the world.

When you are experiencing deep grief, hurt or loss, it can actually be an assault on the deepest part of your being, on your heart. These feelings of heartbreak can be so uncomfortable, so foreign and so difficult to deal with, that they often result in the formation of that energetic “wall,” designed to protect your heart from these profoundly negative emotions.

Is a wall around your heart contributing to physical illness or disease for you? Is your Heart-Wall hampering your ability to give and receive love? Is it interfering with your ability to feel good emotions, or contributing to your feelings of isolation? Is it creating depression, anxiety or self-sabotage for you? Is that wall of energy around your heart interfering with your ability to find your soulmate?

If you are at all frustrated with your love life, your social life, your health issues, or the level of financial abundance that you’ve been able to attain, a Heart-Wall may be a big piece of the puzzle for you. We have found through our testing that approximately 93% of people suffer from this phenomenon, so you are not alone. Isn’t it time to tear down that wall around your own heart, and start living the life you have always known you could live?

I encourage you to check out Dr. Nelson’s free videos and learn to release your own emotional baggage at And, to find an Emotion Code Practitioner, visit www.

Wishing you love AND courage,


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Have the COURAGE to love

Courage PB FLAT COVER IMAGECourage is the key to having a fantastically intimate and loving relationship. It is a muscle that must be constantly exercised in order for it to show up in all of your actions and communications.

It takes courage to get into a relationship, to fall in love, and to commit to another human being. It takes even more courage to stay in that relationship, to do the work necessary to constantly create more intimacy, more respect, more compassion and more love.

I once met a woman on an airplane who was about to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. I was in awe and asked her what she thought was the key to celebrating 50 years. She said it was courage — the courage to stay on the merry-go-round even when there are opportunities every time it goes around for you to get off, the courage to make the choice to see through new eyes.

It takes courage to be wrong and allow your partner to be right even if you know you’re right.   And it takes courage, which is another form of trust and faith, to believe that you can reinvent both yourself and your relationship over and over again.

Two years go my angelic sister, Debbie Ford, wrote a groundbreaking book called Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence, today the book is now out in paperback.

In this book:

Debbie introduces you to a new kind of courage. Instead of thinking about courage as something that you do, your life and your choices will be infused with courage.

She will guide you through a divine process to release emotional baggage and step into the delightful vibration of emotional freedom.

You’ll learn to see the perfection in your life and be able to distinguish between higher will and your will. You will be inspired to surrender to the greatest power of all.

You will be able to forgive someone who may appear unrelated to the area of love and relationships but is really blocking you in achieving your heart’s desires. Then you will learn to love yourself in new ways that will affect every area of your life.

You will be guided to allow a new inspired vision to guide you, not a vision based in the past or even yesterday but a new vision that will propel you to love, listen and act in a deeper, more profound way.

And maybe most importantly, in Courage, you will be present to your supreme beauty — all that you are, all that you can be — and you will reclaim the qualities that will take you to the next evolution of yourself.

Love and courage are one and the same because courage asks us to open up to our compassionate heart and the divine warrior within who is ready to take on even the most difficult task of healing the heart and living in love.

I completely agree with Debbie… CLICK HERE to get your copy today.

Wishing you love AND courage,


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Asking For What You Want Is Never Easy

aol-2013-300x250Earlier this year I sent out a survey to all of you asking what your most pressing relationship issues are.  I really wanted to discover the biggest “need to know” items.  The overwhelming #1 response was communication skills!

Somehow most of us never learned effective ways to ask for what we most want and need.

So, as I was creating and planning this years Art of Love Series, we decided the theme would be:

Crucial Conversations 
On Love, Money, Sex, Communication, Parenting and
everything you need for the relationship of your dreams.

I’ve pulled together the most extraordinary list of love and relationship experts so that every inch of this topic is covered in extreme detail, and, you can get all of this awesome information for FREE!  It all begins on April 1 and runs for 9 amazing days.

My experts include:

John Gray, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Jenn Berman, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Lisa Nichols, Harville Hendrix & Helen La Kelly Hunt, Panache Desai, Nick Ortner, Alison Armstrong, Mary Morrissey, Neale Donald Walsch, Gabrielle Bernstein, Claire Zammit, Craig Hamilton, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Dr. Ken Druck, Carol Allen, SARK, Evan Marc Katz, Dr. Tammy Nelson, Reid Mihalko, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Laura Markham, Jennifer McLean, Rick Hanson, Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla, Dawson Church, Ocean Robbins, and so many others.

These love experts will be sharing the latest insights about how to have a more connected, satisfying relationship-and deeper love-than you ever thought possible.  If you are ready to get the best and latest information on how to have a GREAT relationship, join me for The Art of Love!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


P.S.  Please join me at the beautiful and serene Omega Institute for my FUN and INTERACTIVE  Soulmate Secret workshop (that will take you way beyond the book), where I will share with you techniques to control your own romantic destiny.

It’s the weekend of May 30 – June 1, 2014 Rhinebeck, New York  

Register for the Soulmate Secret Workshop here

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Why Men Marry

red heart starsResearcher John Molloy interviewed 3,000 couples as they exited marriage license bureaus, and what he learned is was amazing.  Here are just a few of the fascinating facts about “why men marry.”

Men are attracted by the physical but marry character.  68% of men said they chose their wives because they were classy, positive, energetic, enthusiastic and upbeat.  Only 20% said they chose them because they were gorgeous and sexy.

Most men decide within 10 minutes of meeting a woman if she is appropriate for marriage or just a casual affair.

Over 80% of men bragged that their gal was someone he would be proud to introduce to friends and family.

Only 7 out of 2,000 men said the woman of their dreams was dressed in a sexy outfit when they met.  Men prefer you in “appropriate” clothing that says “I m wife material.”  (This doesn’t mean you can’t look your best and like the real you – it means don’t be dress in a way that says “come seduce me now.”)

Other interesting tips from Molloy:

The primary reason men drop women during the first month or two is that the women come on too strong, too soon.

Never speak of marriage, children or your future together for the first 6 dates. (Men don’t think of themselves as ‘dating” until at least 4-6 dates. (women assume they are dating much quicker.)

Now for some good news:  If after 3 months of dating he often plops on your couch to watch TV, and at times takes you for granted, this is a hallmark of most serious relationships. Don’t see it as a deal killer.

Women who insist on being treated well are two times as likely to end up marrying their man. Men don’t like doormats.

Women who go out twice a week, even just to dine with other women or do volunteer work, are three times as likely to marry than those who don’t go out! (Going out 3x a week boosts your chances even further).

This is just the tip of the iceberg of John Molloy’s research.  His book, Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others: The Fascinating Research That Can Land You the Husband of Your Dreams, shares tons more info.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


P.S.  Please join me at the beautiful and serene Omega Institute for my FUN and INTERACTIVE  Soulmate Secret workshop (that will take you way beyond the book), where I will share with you techniques to control your own romantic destiny.

It’s the weekend of May 30 – June 1, 2014 Rhinebeck, New York.  

Register for the Soulmate Secret Workshop here

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It’s Okay to Love Your Ex

Couple RedIt’s okay to love your Ex.

In fact, it’s probably impossible to stop loving the ones we’ve loved and cared for.  However, you do need to stop obsessing about then and finally accept that they are long gone, not coming back, and it’s time to forgive and let go.

To stop obsessing requires discipline.

It’s like breaking a bad habit.

If you find yourself obsessing, decide that you will give yourself only 5 minutes each day to think about them – set a time each day and for that 5 minutes get out your journal and write down all of your thoughts about them.  Then, when you catch yourself thinking, dreaming, or yearning for them, remind yourself that it’s not time yet to think about them.

Discipline yourself to only think about them for the allotted 5 minutes each day.

Next, find a little corner of your heart to place your love for them in and when you catch yourself thinking about them, remember to put them back into that little place and focus on the heart traits and delicious qualities of your soon-to-be met NEW soulmate.

Decide that whatever destiny or karma you once had with your Ex is now complete and give yourself the gift of moving on to some one that deserves you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the traits and qualities my heart most desires in a soulmate?
  • How do I want feel when I am with them?
  • What will our life together be like?

Becoming laser clear about who this person is, what they’re like, and MOST IMPORTANTLY what you will FEEL like when you’re with them, is essential to your success in manifesting your soulmate.

Once you figure this out, and actually integrate this into the core of your being, you will be well on your way to new love.

Don’t spend a minute wishing you had done any of this sooner, if you could have, you would have.

And, remember to leave room for divine timing and also be grateful that you are now open and available for the love you’ve always desired.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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Love Before First Sight – A Reminder!

During the past month I’ve been teaching more than usual and meeting lots of students of The Soulmate Secret (which is always fun!).  It seems that everywhere I go I hear from several women that The Soulmate Secret worked for them and they are now happily married to their soulmate. (YAY!)

The question I always ask them is this:

What do you think really made a difference in helping you manifest love?

Quite often the answer I get is “everything,” but several have also said that the daily practice of “living as if” and talking to their soulmate (in their mind) every day helped them really, truly know and believe that even though they hadn’t yet met their soulmate on the physical plane, they felt connected on the cosmic level.

According to quantum physics and metaphysicians, we are already connected to everyone and everything via the unified field, therefore you and your soulmate are already connected.  By choosing to know and believe this, you can begin your relationship with them today.  Simply do a feelingization – move yourself from your head to your heart (and remember you can access some of these for free – just click on the “Free Stuff” tab) and then with your attention focused on your heart begin a conversation.  Before I met Brian, I was talking to him every evening as I sat in front of my love altar.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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What Not To Wear

What Not To WearAround 1985, one of my very first personal growth teachers was a man named Harvey.  Each Tuesday night, a very small group of us would gather in his West Hollywood living room and he would share the wisdom he had learned after having a near death experience.

One night he asked us if we had clothes we considered “A,” “B” and ”C” clothes.

(“A”s” being our most favorite clothes, the things we felt really great in.)

We all said yes.

I admitted my “C” clothes were the ones I was saving for the day I planned to wear to wash my car in, or paint my house.  (I was renting a small apartment in a big complex at that time and would never have the chance to hand wash my car or do any painting!)

Harvey boldly suggested that we get RID of all our “B” and ”C” clothes and only wear “A” clothes so that we would always look good and most importantly, FEEL our best.

Wow, what a revelation that was.  And it made so much sense!

On the day I met Brian (nearly 17 years ago) I was wearing a really cute baby blue mini-checked summer dress with a scoop neck and some gold jewelry.  Brian was wearing a red polo shirt with a collar and some khaki short pants. I am amazed I remember this because I generally have a terrible memory, and I am not that observant. I do recall that I felt great in that outfit!

My friend Linda Sivertsen met her soulmate four years ago. Yesterday I asked her what she was wearing and she said that her beloved STILL talks about how HOT she looked the day they met.

She was wearing cute jeans (that fit her bootie just right), a fun tank top plus

“I was having a great hair day. And, I had on really cute heeled sandals so I was walking a little taller that day.”

Ed and Deb Shapiro met at a party 28 years ago.

Deb recalls, “I was wearing a red Indian tunic threaded with gold, black leggings, and red sling-back heels. I loved this outfit and so did Ed!”

Years from now, when you look back on the day you met your soulmate, it’s likely you will remember what you wore and what he had on, so for those of you practicing “living as if” you might want to be adding this into your program.

When you look good, you feel good and gals, we already know that men tend to be really visual.  So look to adorn yourself in colors, styles and fabrics that bring out the best YOU!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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Be A Great Kisser!

Kissing is really one of life’s simple pleasures!

As if we needed a really good reason to kiss the object of our desire, it turns out that some researchers believe that kissing evolved as a way to assess a potential partner’s compatibility because it exchanges a host of information about health and hormonal status.

KissingDr. Helen Fisher, one of my favorite love researchers and biological anthropologist, says that saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, which triggers libido,” so the more time you spend kissing, the more primed you’ll be for sex, resulting in a more intense sexual experience.”

To amp up your kissing skills here are a few tips!

Sexologist Ava Cadell recommends putting on some mint lip balm to engage the senses/ “Menthol triggers the body’s cold receptors, and when that’s combined with your warm breath, you’ll feel a tingly sensation from your lips straight down to your genitals.”

Strawberries activate the sweetness receptors in your mouth, so when you kiss, your sense of taste will go into overdrive!  Create a little snack of champagne, strawberries and chocolate and then see what happens!

William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, recommends a move he calls “lip-o-suction.” To try it, softly kiss the upper lip while your partner lightly chews and sucks your lower lip, then switch.

A great kiss is more than lips and tongues….it’s hands and hugs, and whispers in the ear and lightly sucking of the ears and neck.  Think about blowing gently onto their skin, maybe lightly biting them here and there, and remember to pay attention to their breathing and any moans of pleasure you may hear.  It’s all about the senses …your & theirs.

And be sure to add to your soulmate wish list that your beloved with be a great kisser!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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Love, Law of Attraction and YOU!

images-8Friday is Valentine’s Day (as I am sure you know) and I want you to give yourself permission to spoil yourself completely!

If you feel yourself resisting this idea, please remember that the Law of Attraction states “what you put your attention on grows.” When we focus on self love, we attract more love.

Now, what would ‘spoiling yourself’ look like for you?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Write yourself a love letter.  Get out a nice card or piece of stationary and really give yourself the freedom to express all the things you most love and appreciate about yourself…really go for it. Gush big-time and be your biggest fan!
  • Gaze into a mirror, look deep into your own eyes and speak these words out loud: “I really love you.  You are a totally wonderful, beautiful, magical person deserving of great love.” 
  • Make a plan, today, for what you will do on Friday night. If you enjoy cooking, invite a friend or two over to join you for a delicious meal with fresh flowers, candles and an atmosphere to celebrate friendship.
  • Buy yourself a special gift…. perhaps a piece of jewelry you can wear daily as a reminder of how much you admire yourself!
  • Share words of love and appreciation with all your non-romantic soulmates.
  • Take some photos of whatever you decide to do and then next Valentine’s Day you can share them with your soulmate.  This is a wonderful way for you to “savor the waiting.”

I would love to hear from you so tell me what you do for you this Valentines Day.  Feel free to email me at (and send photos if you have them!

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


p.s. BOOK SALE! Both WABI SABI LOVE and THE SOULMATE SECRET— eBooks are on sale and specially priced at $3.99 each until February 17th

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