Suzy’s Magical Soulmate Wish List


There are many ways to write out your soulmate wish list.

Suzy from Canada recently shared hers with me and I found it to be so creative, powerful and poetic that I just had to share it with you.

to my soulmate…..

i wait for you, the man who will share the rest of my life….as i will share the rest of yours….
my soulmate…my partner in spirit… love…..

you will make me smile…..i will look up to you, literally and figuratively… are respected by your peers and loved by your family….

we will fill our lives with memories of faraway places and the spirit of the universe….

we will learn from each other…..we will honor our bodies so that we may live long and fruitful lives, never taking any our days for granted….

we will walk hand in hand along the shore….the salt bracing our bodies, the air breathing life into our new union…..

i will create with abundance…words, images…ideas….i will thrive under your gaze… will pause….and know newness and gentleness and softness because of me…..

our children will see us in a new light….their mother or father forging a path along an unused road…..they will smile and their love will take on new meaning as they learn our lessons…..

we will delight in our grandchildren…..sharing and laughing and teaching with an ease and luxury of time we didn’t have as parents….

we will grow our food and nourish our bodies with movement and laughter and love……

we will cherish animals once neglected, giving them the love they always sought but never expected or knew…..

we will be filled with wonder and awe and respect and delight in all that is around us…..small things made bigger…..big things made smaller…..we will shrink or grow our ideas to fit each other and our needs of the moment….

we are spirits….we are spiritual….our touch will heal each other…..our sighs will land on gentle ears…..our shouts will raise roofs…..the world will vibrate with our energies…

we will know that life is to be lived, is meant to be shared, is meant to be seized……
i wait for you, the man who will share the rest of my life….as i will share the rest of yours….

i am ready….

i am willing…..

i am loving you already as you are already loving me….

i am here… will find me….

you have found me….i am in your heart….you are in my heart……

we have already shared eternity…..

we are eternal

Can’t you just feel the level of her commitment, readiness, and open heartedness?  Suzy, thank you for sharing this with us!

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